I'm just twenty years old, so my history of phones isn't very big. I got my first phone when I was done with elementary school at the age of twelve, because I had to cycle a 'very large' distance every day.

Sony Ericsson K300i
My first phone was the Sony Ericsson K300i. It was a great first phone, and it never let me down. It had a great 128x128 pixel screen and a 640x480 camera. There was also room for 12 MB of data.

Sony Ericsson K550i
I loved my first phone, but I really needed an upgrade. So I bought the K550i from my precious pocket money. The huge 1.9" screen with 176x220 pixels and a 2 megapixel camera made a huge difference. It also had 77 MB of storage which was enough to store a movie in a crappy format. I also downloaded the great Java version of Guitar Hero which I played a lot.

I wanted a smartphone, and, well, I guess it technically was? It had wifi and it runned Windows Mobile 6.0. The great Internet Explorer 6 browser was included and everything worked with a stylus. It was my first phone with message threads, which was a feature I absolutely loved. I got the phone very cheap second-hand, luckily, because it just really sucked. It is broken now, which is better for the world.

iPhone 4S
Now we're getting serious! The iPhone 4S was my real smartphone. I absolutely loved it. It had a great camera and apps! It was great to finally being able to download apps. It was expensive, but it improved my life. The only limitation I could think of was the small and narrow screen, but luckily I have an iPad 2 to fix that.

Nexus 5

And here we are. My current phone is the Nexus 5. The screen is huge, and it still fits in my pocket easily. I'm convinced that Android is better for me than iOS. I love to Swype on the Nexus, which increases productivity, sharing of documents, links, photos, etc. to all apps and the back button. It's great to open a YouTube link from Twitter, which opens the YouTube app and getting back to Twitter with the press of a button.

Now that I'm looking at this list, with great improvements on every step, I can't wait to see what will be next. I wouldn't be surprised if my next phone would be from Project Ara.